This activity explores participants' opinions and attitudes towards gambling and gambling harms by positioning themselves across the room, encouraging discussions around common beliefs, behaviours and misconceptions.



Materials to print:

Statements (examples on following page)



  1. Put the Agree/Disagree signs on opposite walls in the room.
  2. Read the first statement, and ask participants to move towards the sign that represents their opinion, or alternatively to stay in between the two if they are unsure.

  3. Ask some of the participants to explain the reasons why they agree or disagree with each statement, facilitating a discussion between the two sides. If appropriate (e.g. when all participants appear to be of the same opinion) challenge them by being ‘the devil’s advocate’ and supporting them in thinking outside the box and in other people’s shoes.

  4. Repeat with another statement.


Alternative options:

You could make this more fun by gluing the statements around an inflatable ball and asking the group to pass it around.

Before starting the game, you could also split the group into teams and ask them to generate statements they would like to explore.

* Activity created by the Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA), based in Bristol.