Consequences of Gambling

This creative, outcome-focused activity challenges participants to explore the potential negative consequences gambling could lead to, supporting them in gaining a better awareness of how gambling harms affect people’s health and wellbeing.




Paper or flipchart, pens

Materials to print:

Consequences of Gambling: Scenario cards

Consequences of gambling


  1. In pairs, teams, or as a larger group, discuss how gambling could negatively impact people’s lives and note these
  2. Now provide each team with a scenario card. Ask the teams to consider what gambling harms the individual from the scenario might be experiencing, and add any thoughts to the existing notes.
  3. Now ask each group to consider the following questions:
    • How might the individual’s story
      continue? What might happen to
      them? Consider both positive and
      negative endings.
    • What might help the person to manage
      the situation better?
  4. Ask each team to share their scenario and their notes with the rest of the group. Facilitate a discussion around each scenario, and ensure to highlight what support for gambling harms looks like and where this can be accessed.


* You might find it helpful to refer to Section 2.1 of the Gambling Education Toolkit on ‘What are gambling harms?’.