Definitions Matching Game

This activity provides an opportunity to test participants' knowledge and familiarity on gambling related facts, concepts and terminology.





Materials to print:

Definitions Matching Game handouts, Answer sheet

Definitions Matching Game


  1. Distribute the handouts.

  2. Ask participants to match each gambling term to the correct definition on the handout. You can make this more competitive by explaining that the participant who finishes first will win the game.

  3. Once completed, go through the game with the entire group and check the correct answers.

  4. Highlight some of the key information, and if necessary give some additional clarification. For example, you may want to bring the group’s attention to the following:

    • the minimum legal ages for gambling;
    • it is possible to gamble with anything that has some value, not just money, and it’s never possible to predict the outcome of a gambling game (not even in games of skill);
    • the similarities and differences between ‘odds’ and ‘chances’ (both express the likelihood of an event, but the first shows it as a ratio whilst the second as a percentage);
    • the meaning of ‘chasing losses’;
    • the meaning and implications of ‘the house edge’.


Alternative options:

This game can be played individually, in pairs or in small groups.

You could write all the definitions and key words on individual strips of paper. Place the key words around the room, then give 1 definition to each person (or to each pair) and ask them to move around the room searching for the corresponding word. Then proceed from step 3.