Gambling Adverts Activity

This activity will encourage participants to discuss the potential harms associated with the characteristics, messages and marketing strategies of gambling adverts, by examining a mock gambling advertising featuring slogans, themes and promotions from existing adverts.




Projector to share image with the group (optional)

Materials to print:

Print out of gambling advertising example (front and back, optional)

Gambling Adverts activity


  1. Share with the group the gambling advertising example. Explain that this is a fake advert designed by the Scottish Gambling Hub team, featuring quotes, marketing strategies and other features taken from real gambling adverts.
  2. In teams or as a whole group, ask the participants if they can identify any features of this ad that could introduce risks, or cause harm to its viewers. Facilitate a discussion.
  3. The back/second page of the advert features facts and statistics around gambling advertising. You can use this as additional prompts for the discussion, or quiz the participants on some of these facts.