Let’s Talk About Gambling

This activity gives participants an opportunity to think of different types of gambling in their environment, before reflecting on the risk of harm.




Flip-chart, felt-tip pens

Gambling Brainstorm


  1. Using a flip chart placed in the middle of a table, ask the group to note down as many types of gambling activities as they can think of. In particular, ask participants to consider gambling activities they may be exposed to, for example:
    • Gambling to do with hobbies, sports they are interested in
    • Gambling advertising they might have seen
    • Loot boxes and other gambling-style mechanics in games they might play
    • Gambling on social media, e.g. raffles and give-aways
    • Cryptocurrency
  2. Ask the group what risks may be associated with gambling and facilitate a discussion.*
  3. Explain to the group that all gambling carries a risk of harm, however some products carry more risk than others.

    Ask the participants if they can guess which gambling activities may carry a greater risk of harm, and challenge them to circle these.

  4. Ask participants to explain why they find some activities more harmful than others. Examples of topics you can discuss include:

    • The addictive characteristics of gambling products**
    • The nature of online gambling
    • The influence of adverts
    • Peer pressure.


* Refer to Section 2.1 ‘What are gambling harms?’ for guidance on risk of gambling harm.
** Refer to Section 2.3 ‘Risk factors for experiencing gambling harm’ for guidance on addictive characteristics in gambling products.