Gambling Crossword

This crossword puzzle tests participants' knowledge on gambling related facts and terminology. It can also be used to consolidate learning from a previous session.


15-30 min



Materials to print:

Gambling Crossword handouts, Practitioner Answer Sheet

Gambling Crossword


  1. Distribute the handouts, explain that this is a crossword puzzle about gambling.
  2. Divide the group into small teams, as this activity is better suited for working together rather than individually.
  3. Once everyone has finished, go through the answers with the entire group.
  4. Encourage discussion, highlight some of the key information, and if necessary give some additional clarification. For example, you may want to bring the group’s attention to the following:
  • the age restrictions for gambling;
  • the similarities and differences between ‘odds’ and ‘chances’ (both express the likelihood of an event, but the first shows it as a ratio whilst the second as a percentage).


Additional notes:

This game is more challenging (i.e. requiring stronger literacy skills) than activities like the Definitions Matching Game, as there is no word bank for participants to choose their answers from.

If using this game at the beginning of a session, it may help you gauge what knowledge participants already have on the topic. If using it at the end of a session, it may be useful for reviewing and consolidating some of the information learned during previous activities.