Gambling Facts & Figures Quiz

This quiz tests participants' knowledge on gambling related statistics, facts and information. It can also be used to open up conversations around how common and normalised gambling is in our society.





Materials to print:

Gambling Quiz Facts & Figures handout, Gambling Quiz Facts & Figures: Practitioner answer sheet

Gambling Facts & Figures Quiz


  1. Distribute the handouts and set the time for people to do the quiz.

  2. Once completed, go through the questions with the entire group and give the correct answers.

  3. Highlight some of the key information. For example, you may want to encourage discussion about:

    • any information or fact that has surprised the group;
    • any similarity between experiencing harmful gambling and other risk-taking behaviours;
    • how society perceives gambling


Alternative options:

This game can be done individually, in pairs or in small groups.

Additional notes:

This game is best suited for young people aged 16+. Please use this activity sensitively, as any other content of this Gambling Education Toolkit, to ensure that any conversations about gambling do not encourage young people to gamble (e.g. ‘so many people gamble, so you too may want to consider gambling’ ).

Please use this activity to encourage discussion and support participants in…

  • seeing how pervasive gambling is in our society,
  • understanding its links with other risk-taking behaviours
  • realising how little information young people are usually taught about gambling, compared to activities such as smoking.