Gambling General Knowledge Quiz

This quiz provides an opportunity to understand participants' existing knowledge and attitudes around gambling, but can also be used to consolidate learning from previous sessions.*


15-30 min



Materials to print:

Quiz handouts, Practitioner answer sheet

Activity illustrations (1)


  1. Distribute the handouts and set the time for people to do the quiz.
  2. Once completed, go through the questions with the entire group and check the answers.
  3. Highlight some of the key information. For example, you may want to encourage discussion about:

    • when and where someone could ask for help;
    • misconceptions regarding strategies to use when gambling and the likelihood of winning;
    • the consequences of gambling and links to other risks for young people;
    • practical tips to stay safer (i.e. minimising risk and harm if deciding to still engage in gambling activities).

Alternative options:

This quiz can be completed individually, in pairs or in small groups.

Please note that this activity presents a higher level of difficulty (e.g. requiring stronger numeracy and literacy skills) compared to other activities.