Gambling Tree

In this activity, parents and caregivers explore the causes, effects and the consequences gambling can have for young people‘s development. This provides opportunities to reflect on what can be done to tackle these issues.

This activity is designed for parents and caregivers and not for use with young people.




Flip-chart, felt-tip pens, post-its (optional)

Gambling Tree


  1. Draw a tree on a flip-chart, writing “the effects of gambling on young people’s development” in the middle of the trunk.

  2. Facilitate a group discussion about the causes and motivations behind young people’s gambling, and write these on the roots of the tree.

  3. Discuss the possible consequences of gambling amongst young people, writing them on the branches of the tree.

  4. Finally, draw apples falling from the branches towards the roots, which represent the potential actions that could be taken to address the causes of gambling. Encourage the group to think about and discuss what those actions could be.


Alternative options:

To encourage more discussion at points 2 and 3, you could use the short scenarios from the Consequences of Gambling activity.

Additional notes:

This activity is designed to use with parents and caregivers, and is not suitable for use with children and young people. This is because discussing the prevalence of gambling with young people may unintentionally normalise gambling, or cause them to feel they are ‘missing out.’