Managing Risk

This scenario-based activity encourages participants to think of ways to manage the risk of harm when gambling.


20-30 min


Whiteboard/ Flipchart

Materials to print:

Scenario cards, Bull's Eye print out

Activity illustrations (2)


  1. All gambling carries a risk of harm, but some gambling products and settings can lead to higher risk of experiencing
    harm. Using a whiteboard or flip-chart, discuss with the group what they think are ways to reduce the risk of harm when gambling.
  2. Let each participant draw a scenario card.
  3. Allow each participant to read out their scenario, and to place it on the bull’s eye according to how concerned we might be about their situation.
  4. Ask the participant to share how the individual could reduce the risk of harm in the situation they are in, and what avenues of support might be appropriate.
  5. Facilitate a discussion with the rest of the group, asking others to share their thoughts and any other considerations that participants may have.
  6. Add notes to your harm reduction flip-chart or whiteboard if you have identified any new strategies. Then proceed to the next participant.

Additional notes:

This is an opportunity to highlight addictive characteristics of gambling products and how to identify gambling harm (Section
2.3). Harm reduction advice can be found in the Gambling Education Toolkit Section 3.1.1.