Our Home

This activity is designed to use with families to explore how gambling may be impacting on their lives. It identifies how gambling may play a role in our everyday experiences, and the potential harm experienced by family members, using the visual of a home. It works best as part of a holistic, ongoing family programme.


30-40 min


Whiteboard/Flip chart or cardboard box, 3 colours of post-it notes, pens

Activity illustrations (5)


  1. Draw out a house on a whiteboard or flip chart, or use a cardboard box to visually represent the home.
  2. Provide family members with post-it notes of one particular colour, which will be positioned outside the house (on the outside walls if using a box). For this section, ask participants to think about and note down:
    • What are examples of gambling?
    • What do you associate with gambling?
    • What do other people think about gambling? How may this impact us?
  3. Using a second colour of post-it notes, ask family members to now consider:

    • Where in the home does gambling take place?
    • Where do we come across gambling in everyday life?
    • Where and in what ways do we hear, talk or think about gambling?
    • Where are other family members during those times? What do they do?

    Ask participants to add these post-it notes to the inside of the house. They can allocate different corners to different rooms, and position the post-it notes in relation to the home environment.

  4. Now, using a third colour of post-it notes, ask all family members to think about the impact that gambling may have on them individually and on other family members. Ask them to note down:

    • How might gambling impact me?
    • How might it impact my loved ones now? How could it impact them in the future?
    • How might it impact our finances, our family life, our relationship with each other?
    • Are there any consequences to the gambling continuing now or in the future?

    Add those post-it notes to the roof of the house. Facilitate a reflective conversation on what has been learned, what changes could be made and what to consider for the future.

Additional notes:

This activity can be used on an ongoing basis to reflect on how the home environment may be impacted or change long-term. You can use this activity to address a variety of other potentially harmful products aside from gambling, supporting the family through a holistic and person-centred approach.