Stand Up If

This activity helps illustrate how visible gambling is in participants' environments, while providing opportunities to challenge how normalised gambling may be. It also offers ways of testing and consolidating previous learning.


5-10 min

Materials to print:

Stand Up If example statements (optional)

Stand up if


  1. Read the Stand Up If statements one at a time. Ask participants to stand up (or raise their hand if standing is not possible) if the statement applies to them.
  2. After each statement, you could ask some of the participants who stood up to share some information regarding that statement (e.g. Stand Up If there is a betting shop near where you live -> Where are the closest betting shops? Why are there some areas with more gambling premises than others?)
  3. Use the statements regarding gambling as an opportunity to recap on what the participants previously learned about gambling (e.g. Stand Up If you can name one negative consequence that gambling could lead to -> Can we list some together?).

    Consider challenging participants on why gambling is so visible – who benefits?


Alternative options:

The first 3 example statements are particularly effective in illustrating how prevalent gambling is in a young person’s environment – to emphasise this even more, you could ask participants to stay standing if a statement applied to them, and see how many participants will be standing after all 3 statements were read out (the top 3 are indicated with a *).