The person I am supporting does not acknowledge gambling as harmful.

This is a common response from people. You can start by looking at this Toolkit together and examining the potential harms of gambling and The Gambling Harm Spectrum to analyse possible gambling harm trajectories. Streaming platforms also offer many documentaries on gambling harm that you can encourage people to watch that show the harms gambling can cause in people’s lives. The main point to remind people is that all gambling causes risk and that the harms are much more far-reaching than financial.

As a service, ensure that you are clear that you can effectively support people experiencing gambling harm sot hat when the person is ready they are comfortable to ask for support

What happens if we have a conversation and the person I am supporting’s gambling harm is increasing?

There is no ‘one shoe fits all’ in regards to supporting someone experiencing gambling harm. Re-examine and re-visit the support plan you have created together. Perhaps the harm reduction techniques that the person wanted to use are not working for them. Perhaps they have tried to focus on too many techniques and have become overwhelmed. Maybe it is time to have a conversation about attending counselling sessions with a gambling harm support service that suits them.

Discuss it the person’s motivation and drivers for gambing or gambling activities have changes, this could mean that a new Support Plan has to be created.

For example, the original support plan may have been created to support someone reducing their use of electronic gaming machines when they were in a pub, but now they have started purchasing scratchcards at the local shop when they are buying alcohol.

How do I know what support service to signpost someone to in regards to their level of harm?

Determining what level of harm someone is experiencing from their gambling denotes the level of support they should be signposted to. Similar to The Gambling Spectrum, people can experience risk in two categories that overlap. Anyone experiencing gambling harm is able to access all these support services free through The National Gambling Support Network.

Below is a guide to allow you to signpost to relevant services more effectively.