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This catalogue is designed to support you to build your own session or lesson plans.

Each activity includes the estimated time required. If you're not sure how to get started, we suggest choosing activities that will cover the most important topics for the people you support, starting with more introductory topics like 'What is gambling?' and moving through to 'How to reduce the risk'.

You can also view our Example Session Plans for ideas.

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Exploring Gambling Motivations

1 in 10 young people gamble regularly. This activity examines the motivations and reasons behind why young people take part in gambling. It provides opportunities to discuss the associated risks, underlying root causes and alternatives.

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Gambling Triangle

This activity is best suited to 1-to-1 work with individuals who would like to reduce their gambling. It encourages practical reflection on how to reduce gambling, by examining money, time and access to gambling.

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Design your Harm Reduction Poster

This activity encourages participants to design their own gambling harm reduction poster, summarising learning from previous sessions. It can be displayed in their community space and provide a great reminder and conversation starter about gambling and gambling harms.

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Our Home

This activity is aimed at working with families as a way to explore how gambling may be impacting on their lives. It provides an opportunity to identify how gambling may play a role in the everyday experiences and the potential harm experienced by family members, using the visual of a home. It works best as part of a holistic, ongoing family programme.

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Gaming Industry Tricks

This activity uses a mock gaming menu to start a discussion about the designs used in video games that encourage players to spend more time and money.

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What’s in the box?

This activity helps illustrate the chances of winning a special item in a loot box by cutting up pieces of paper.

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Managing Risk

This scenario-based activity encourages participants to think of ways to manage the risk of harm when gambling.

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Top Tip Tricks

This card game challenges players to collect tricks, featuring examples of the 6 key gambling harm reduction tips. It provides a fun way to become familiar with the tips and put them into practice.

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Decisional Balance

This activity is best suited to 1-to-1 work with individuals who may be experiencing issues with their gambling behaviour. It encourages reflection on how gambling may be beneficial or damaging in their life, supporting more informed decision making.*

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What would you do if…?

This activity supports young people discussing how they may address concerns about gambling with their friends.

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