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This catalogue is designed to support you to build your own session or lesson plans.

Each activity includes the estimated time required. If you're not sure how to get started, we suggest choosing activities that will cover the most important topics for the people you support, starting with more introductory topics like 'What is gambling?' and moving through to 'How to reduce the risk'.

You can also view our Example Session Plans for ideas.

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Gambling Adverts Activity

This activity will encourage participants to discuss the potential harms associated with the characteristics, messages and marketing strategies of gambling adverts, by examining a mock gambling advertising designed by our team. By recognising potentially harmful marketing tricks and messages, the activity seeks to build sensitivity and resilience towards gambling advertising and the normalisation of gambling.

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Dice Game

This activity recreates a gambling experience, allowing young people to explore the feelings and perceptions around gambling. It also provides a practical example for participants to understand the meaning and implications of concepts such as the house edge and chasing losses, and to learn how probability affects one’s chances of winning and losing.1

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Explaining the Law of Averages/Large Numbers

This activity supports young people to learn the meaning of odds, chance and probability through a visual and practical example.

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Stand Up If

This activity helps illustrate how prevalent gambling is among participants' environments, while providing opportunities to challenge how normalised gambling may be. It also offers ways of testing and consolidating previous learning.

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Community Map

This activity explores how common gambling premises may be in your local community. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on why gambling participation might be higher in some areas than others.

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Do young people gamble?

In this activity, participants compare statistics around young people's gambling with other risk taking behaviours. It provides an opportunity to explore why gambling is so prevalent among young people.

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Gambling Facts & Figures Quiz

This quiz tests participants' knowledge on gambling related statistics, facts and information. It can also be used to open up conversations around how common and normalised gambling is in our society.

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Gambling General Knowledge Quiz

This quiz provides an opportunity to understand participants' existing knowledge and attitudes around gambling, but can also be used to consolidate learning from previous sessions.

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Gambling Crossword

This crossword puzzle tests participants' knowledge on gambling related facts and terminology. It can also be used to consolidate learning from a previous session.

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Definitions matching game

This activity provides an opportunity to test participants' knowledge and familiarity on gambling related facts, concepts and terminology.

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