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This catalogue is designed to support you to build your own session or lesson plans.

Each activity includes the estimated time required. If you're not sure how to get started, we suggest choosing activities that will cover the most important topics for the people you support, starting with more introductory topics like 'What is gambling?' and moving through to 'How to reduce the risk'.

You can also view our Example Session Plans for ideas.

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What are the odds?

This activity reveals the odds of winning the Lottery and of other events. It gives the opportunity to discuss the differences between the perception and the reality of winning the National Lottery.

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This activity explores participants' opinions and attitudes towards gambling and gambling harms by positioning themselves across the room, encouraging discussions around common beliefs, behaviours and misconceptions.

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Gambling Brainstorm

This brainstorm activity gives participants an opportunity to think of different types of gambling in their environment, before reflecting on the risk of harm.

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A-Z of Gambling

This icebreaker activity can be used to introduce the subject of gambling, encouraging participants to think of words associated with gambling for every letter of the alphabet.

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