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‘Trust Me Film’ is a unique film exploring the impact that gambling and other risk-taking behaviours can have on young people as well as their family, friends and communities. The film draws on the views, experiences, and imaginations of Scottish young people and is the only free film-based teaching resource on this topic in the UK.


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If you, or someone you know, needs support when it comes to gambling, help is here.

Cast and crew

Meet the faces behind the Trust Me Film, the cast who brought Jack, Ryan, and Becky to life.

Fraser MacRae
Harrison MacNeill
Suzanne O’Brien

I need to do something to fill that gap.

Find something with that same feeling, you know, that rush. Maybe it is going to college. I dunno. Just need to feel something. Something different than this.


I really enjoyed this movie, which surprised me a little. Usually, the movies we watch in class are boring and long and have nothing happening in them.

S3 Pupil


...It was very captivating and important. It was very real.

S3 Pupil


Trust Me is a good watch, it works, it feels real and the 'full envelope, empty envelope' metaphor will stay a long time.

High School Teacher


I had never really thought gambling was a problem but after watching this movie I realised that gambling is an addiction that can ruin people's lives.

S3 Pupil


I liked how the film was so easy to
understand and had a lot of information to
learn from. It showed that gambling can
affect your daily life and future life choices
and even your relationships with family and
friends. It takes over your life

S3 Pupil


When you think of gambling stereotypically
you think of middle-aged men but what this
really highlighted is that you can be any age
to get addicted. I feel like it impacts young
people more.

S3 Pupil