2019 Theatre Tour: the evaluation summary

November 7, 2019

Fast Forward is delighted to share the evaluation summary of the 2019 theatre-based school tour addressing gambling-related harms.

Fast Forward was funded by GambleAware to produce and deliver a peer theatre piece in Spring 2019. The play, formerly titled “Flutter”, aimed to raise awareness of gambling related harms, and to address youth gambling and other risk-taking behaviours.

The piece was produced by Fast Forward in collaboration with Strange Town Theatre Company, and performed by young people who were also involved in the play’s creation. It ran a national tour of S3 year groups in secondary schools across Scotland. The 35 min. performance was followed by a short interactive session with the audience, so they could improve their own decision making. Teachers also attended CPD sessions, led by Fast Forward staff.

This infographic below provides a summary of our evaluation of the project’s impact.

Following the success of the first school tour in spring 2019, Fast Forward has announced it will bring the peer-theatre production about gambling back to high schools across Scotland, between January and March 2020. Schools interested in receiving the performance (now titled “Trust Me”) and the CPD session can contact Hannah Titley, Schools Theatre Tour Co-ordinator, at theatretour@fastforward.org.uk


Trust Me image