Gambling Education Toolkit

The experience of harm as a result of gambling is not a new phenomenon. However, gambling harms often go unrecognised.

This guide is designed for anyone who works with young people and families. It has everything you need to improve your knowledge and confidence to address gambling harms in your work.

This information is also available in our downloadable Gambling Education Toolkit. Our Toolkit also includes a full list of references for all information in this section.

Feeling motivated to include gambling in the topics you cover in your work? Check out our Activity Catalogue for interactive ideas.

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Chapter 1: Gambling in the UK

This chapter provides key information and facts about gambling participation in the UK, and gambling advertising.

Chapter 2: Understanding gambling harms

This chapter provides a definition of gambling harms, and details on how gambling harms impact young people, families, and affected others. It also explores risk factors for experiencing gambling harm, and ways of identifying people experiencing harm from their own gambling.

Chapter 3: Gambling education and harm prevention

This chapter explores gambling as a public health issue, and provides key harm reduction messages to share with young people and families. It also shares best practice advice for educating young people and families about the risks associated with gambling.

Chapter 4: Gaming and gambling

This chapter provides an overview of the links between gaming and online gambling, and the risks this convergence might involve for young people and families.

Chapter 5: Curriculum for Excellence

This chapter provides guidance on how gambling education aligns with the Curriculum for Excellence framework.

Chapter 6: Youth work outcomes

This chapter provides a brief snapshot of how incorporating gambling education inputs into youth work projects can support practitioners to deliver the National Youth Work Strategy.