Case Studies

This activity for parents and caregivers introduces real-life stories of individuals and their relationship to gambling. It encourages participants to consider how risk changes over time, and how our circumstances and exposure can affect our risk of harm.



Materials to print:

Short case studies (Handout 1), Full-length case studies (Handout 2)

Case Studies


  1. Split the group into 3 teams, and provide each group with a different short case study (Handout 1).
  2. In their groups, ask participants to read their case study and discuss the 3 questions on the handout.
  3. After 10 minutes, ask the teams to feed back to the whole group. Facilitate discussion around the case studies and how they compare with one another. What similarities are there between Kai, Avery, Julie and Jason? How are they different? Is there one you would identify as experiencing more harm than another?
  4. Now, provide each group with the full-length case study (Handout 2), and ask them to look at the 3 questions again. Would they change any of their responses?
  5. After 10 minutes, ask each team to feed back to the wider group again. Ask participants to highlight if they found anything particularly interesting or surprising.


Additional notes:

This activity was created by the Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA), Bristol.