The Cost of Living and Gambling Harm

With the cost of living crisis impacting on families and communities, charities are reporting an increase in people gambling to try to make ends meet or pay bills. This scenario based activity challenges participants to explore links between gambling harms and other circumstances people might be experiencing relating to the cost of living.




Paper or flipchart, pens

Materials to print:

Cost of Living: Scenario cards

The cost of living and gambling harm


  1. In pairs, teams, or as a larger group, discuss the possible links between gambling and the cost of living, and how some of these links maybe hidden. Add any thoughts onto flipchart and feedback to the larger group.
  2. Now assign each group a scenario card and ask them to consider:
    • What are some of the signs that gambling may be impacting?
    • What opportunities are there for having a chat about gambling, to reduce the risks?
    • Any ideas for support/signposting
  3. Ask each team to share their scenario and their notes with the rest of the group. Facilitate a discussion around each scenario, making sure to highlight what support for gambling harms looks like and where this can be accessed.