Details from the Trust Me film launch event

June 30, 2021

In May we launched the Trust Me film resource and website, and held a digital screening of the film at schools across Scotland.

Trust Me” explores the impact gambling and other risk-taking behaviours can have on young people and their family, friends, and communities. It uses a peer inspiration model, and draws on the views experiences, and imaginations of Scottish young people. It is also the only film-based teaching resource on this topic in the UK.

The film and digital action pack are free online at for use in schools, youth services and for young people across Scotland.

Director Kai Peacock hosted a Q&A session directly following a digital screening of the film to schools across Scotland. During the Q&A, Warren Hughes from the Scottish Gambling Education Hub and the three young Scottish stars of the film (Fraser MacRae, Suzanne O’Brien, and Harrison MacNeill) discussed questions submitted by teachers and practitioners, including:

  • What could the film’s characters have done differently to prevent gambling harm?
  • How is gambling changing in young people?
  • Does gambling connect to other risk-taking behaviours?
  • How can teachers and youth practitioners address these risks in young people?

We’re delighted that over 60 schools attended the launch, and the feedback on Twitter was fantastic.

The film’s website includes a digital action pack of teaching resources and session plans, featuring video-based workshops. It’s designed to help you start conversations about the impact gambling can have on young people and their mental health. The pack guides teachers and practitioners to build the film into activities with young people. However, you can also use the film as a stand-alone piece to engage young people and raise awareness.

Trust Me image