Our Gambling Education Toolkit 2022 is now available

November 3, 2022

We are delighted to launch the 2022 edition of our Gambling Education Toolkit!

This edition includes updated research, delves a bit deeper into some influences and motivations around gambling behaviour (Section 2.2.2). It also highlights stigma around gambling (p. 32).

It also includes new activities such as:

  • What’s In the Box?
    Supports participants to picture the chances of winning a special item in a loot box by cutting up pieces of paper.
  • Gaming Industry Tricks
    Uses a mock gaming menu to start a discussion about the designs used in video games that encourage players to spend more time and money.
  • Our Home
    Provides an opportunity to identify how gambling may play a role in the everyday experiences and the potential harm experienced by family members, using the visual of a home.


Download the 2022 toolkit here.