Youth Fund Showcase: ‘Don’t Be a Loser’

March 1, 2020

Youth 2000 (Y2K) engaged their young people in the co-creation of an awareness-raising video addressing gambling-related harms.

Mindful of the high level of poverty and gambling addiction in their local area, the Y2K project participants applied to Fast Forward’s Gambling Education Youth Fund to design a short film highlighting the relevance of gambling risks in their community.

Following their fact-finding mission, the group visited the Sky Skills Academy. 12 young people worked together to script, direct, star in and edit their own ‘Don’t be a Loser’ Sky News Report.

For the final stage of the project, the young people also planned and organised a community event to bring friends, family and supporters together for a Quiz Night. ‘Be a Winner’ was a fun evening that showcased the young people’s work and opened conversations about gambling in the community.

Watch the ‘Don’t be a Loser’ Sky News Report here: