5.2 Numeracy and mathematics

Gambling education is connected to the Numeracy and Mathematics curriculum, particularly through topics such as credit and debit, probability and chance.


  • MNU 2-09b I understand the costs, benefits and risks of using bank cards to purchase goods or obtain cash and realise that budgeting is important.

  • MNU 2-09c I can use the terms profit and loss in buying and selling activities and can make simple calculations for this.

  • MNU 3-09b I can budget effectively, making use of technology and other methods, to manage money and plan for future expenses.

  • MNU 4-09a I can discuss and illustrate the facts I need to consider when determining what I can afford, in order to manage credit and debt and lead a responsible lifestyle.

Ideas of chance and uncertainty

  • MNU 1-22a I can use appropriate vocabulary to describe the likelihood of events occurring, using the knowledge and experiences of myself and others to guide me.

  • MNU 2-22a I can conduct simple experiments involving chance and communicate my predictions and findings using the vocabulary of probability.

  • MNU 3-22a I can find the probability of a simple event happening and explain why the consequences of the event, as well as its probability, should be considered when making choices.

  • MNU 4-22a By applying my understanding of probability, I can determine how many times I expect an event to occur, and use this information to make predictions, risk assessment, informed choices and decisions.