5.3 Technologies

Online gambling, and its links to gaming, is also relevant to the section of the Curriculum for Excellence promoting cyber resilience and internet safety. This will allow young people to make connections between skills that can help them minimise their risk of gambling harm and broader digital safety skills.

Digital literacy

  • TCH 0-03a I can explore, play and communicate using digital technologies safely and securely.

  • TCH 1-03a I can extend my knowledge of how to use digital technology to communicate with others and I am aware of ways to keep safe and secure.

  • TCH 2-03a I can explore online communities demonstrating an understanding of responsible digital behaviour and I’m aware of how to keep myself safe and secure.

  • TCH 3-03a I can keep myself safe and secure in online environments and I am aware of the importance and consequences of doing this for myself and others.