What is gambling harm?

Gambling harms are “the adverse impacts from gambling on the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, communities and society.” These harms affect people’s resources, relationships, and health

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Gambling harm can affect employment and finances and may involve engagement in antisocial behaviours and criminal activities.

People may lose out on opportunities, experience instability in their life, be less productive at work, accumulate debt, or experience bankruptcy.

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Relationships with close family and friends may be affected, as well as with the wider community, for example through family breakdown and homelessness.

People’s relationships with family, friends, and communities may breakdown or erode due to breach of trust, which may decrease family and community cohesion or resources.

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Both mental and physical health may be impacted, and gambling harm may lead to substance use and suicidal thoughts.

People experiencing gambling harm are more likely to experience sleep deprivation and chronic stress which may lead to physical consequences such as high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease.