Digital and gambling harm

Online Gambling

Online gambling is risking money, or an item of material value, using an online platform in the hope of winning additional value or something of material value.

This can include online games such as slots, bingo, sports betting, casinos and e-sports. Online gambling can be accessed 24 hours a day and has no saturation point. People can open multiple accounts with different operators and continue to gamble until they have run out of funds.

The high speed and high event frequency of online gambling, where people can stake money relatively quickly, presents a higher risk of experiencing harm. Some online products carry additional risks, such as live in-play betting, where you can bet whilst a live event takes place. Further, cross-promotion of online products means that if you engage with one product, you may receive promotions or advertising offering ‘free bets’ for other products, which can escalate gambling and associated risks.

4 signs someone might be harmed by online gambling

  • Preoccupied and secretive with their phone or device
  • Extreme emotions when using their phone or device
  • Unexpected wealth or unexpectedly short of money
  • Conversations about their online bets